Monday, May 10, 2010

The Angel Maker ~ By Stefan Brijs

Haunting. Thrilling. This book will, no joke, keep you turning pages long into the night. What starts out as a seemingly innocent story quickly takes a turn for the dark and doesn't come back out.

Dr. Victor Hoppe--a disfigured geneticist with a haunting past--suddenly shows up in the suspcious village of Wolfheim after a twenty year absence. With him, he brings his three 'sons', along with their strange medical conditions and an uncanny resemblence to himself. As the triplets' health begins to deteriorate, so does Dr. Hoppe's sanity, until you begin to see that, under the good intentions, Dr. Hoppe is really a very confused man with a very twisted sense of right and wrong. A man who will act on those intentions.

The Angel Maker is a spellbinding tale that questions the ethics and morality of cloning and genetic testing. The prose is exceptionally well written (and I read a translation, something I usually find clunky and difficult to speed read), simple but very descriptive. I could vividly visualize everything that happened in the book (which I sometimes regretted). Quick. Sharp. It reminded me of Stephen King's writing, but without the (sometimes excessive) description. The Angel Maker may not be for the faint of heart, but it will delight science fiction/horror fans, and people with a penchant for the disturbing.